What do we do for sustainable future?

The business philosophy of the Master Good group of companies is the environmentally conscious and sustainable management

Master Good Kft. (Ltd) is a Hungarian group of companies in the food industry that considers that its duty is to produce high-quality food for people. As the leading player in the poultry industry, we have set ourselves the goal to become the greenest poultry industry company in Europe.

For us, sustainability means the present and also the future of farming.

The commitment to sustainability is a mission for us, and, as an actor working with the state-of-the-art technology used in the industry and achieving the best production results, we feel that it is our duty to be at the forefront also of addressing the environmental challenges.

Implementation of full-circle farming

Master Good is continuously minimizing the environmental load resulting from the poultry integration activity. We are committed to environmental responsibility, and that is why we were the first company in our country to implement full-circle farming. In recent years, we have also placed great emphasis on developing the operation of the entire field of the closed integration with environmentally friendly solutions.

Master Good’s Model Farm in Baktalórántháza is an excellent example of a farm where the management and the use of mechanization and technology is able to reduce the environmental impact, increase the welfare standards, and create high quality products.

The modern, innovative approach and the progressive, practical management make our Model Farm, located in Baktalórántháza, McDonald’s global model livestock farm.

With this project, we wanted to show that we can satisfy the expectations of our customers and the industry in terms of animal welfare and health without making compromises in terms of the environmentally friendly production and economic viability.

The current circular economic model of the Master Good Group operates with an excellent balance, with recycling that covers the integration.


Our professional “solutions” for a healthy and sustainable environment

In Nyírjákó, we would like to emphasize the opening of the Organic Matter Management Centre.

During the research and development project, we use an environmentally friendly process and mechanization which enables the processing and the sterilization of the deep litter poultry barn manure on an industrial scale, and the produced fermentate (fertilizer pellet) is sold as an organic nutrient and returned to the soil.

We have installed currently state-of-the-art technical and biotechnological system machines within the plant, which was built as part of a green field investment on the outskirts of Nyírjákó, next to the fermentation plant we own. Future parts of the project are to establish a research and diagnostic laboratory and also a set of instruments.

Manure processing has a negative carbon footprint!


Our further investments for the environment

The protection of the quality of the water which returns to our environment and the measures and investments to reduce the present energy consumption, the solutions demanding less resources and the measures taken for their use are all done in order to protect our environment.
We control the quality of our wastewater with internal measuring and also with the help of an external accredited laboratory. The regular measuring has proved that our operation satisfies the regulations.
In order to protect our water resources, we organize garbage collection at the Tisza River together with our employees during the summer months.

With the help of our installed solar panels, an investment at the start, but one that will later reduce our operating costs through the energy savings, we will cover more than one third of the company group’s total electricity demand using green energy by the end of 2023. In addition to day-to-day production, we constantly control and analyse our energy consumption.

Our developments connected to climate change and our technological change aimed at this goal enable us to manage our available resources as efficiently as possible.

Based on the experience of the past year, we expect further results from the attitude-forming of our colleagues in the field of energy saving. Turning off lights and completely turning off office equipment after working hours, controlling the air conditioning and heating have all proven to be successful, because we act much more cautiously and economically in the offices as well.

Our goal is Zero CO2. The goal of the Group of Companies is to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint, our aim is to achieve carbon neutrality, and we intend to reduce the use of natural gas in our food industry plants during the next 2 years to a half.

Reducing food waste

The Master Good group of companies also actively participates in the fight against food waste. Our efforts aimed at reducing food waste contribute significantly to the prevention of overall wastage. In the spirit of the philosophy of sustainability, we have looked for solutions to prevent and recycle food waste.


Supply, Sense of responsibility, Quality policy

As a Hungarian-owned group of companies with closed integration, we choose our partners consciously. When choosing them, it is very important that they have a reliable and strict qualification system to properly represent us and present our products to our customers.

Purchasing environmentally conscious packaging material

Our partners are invited to participate in a tender, based on the same terms and conditions, at the end of the year. The advantage of the domestic suppliers is guaranteed while evaluating the received offers. The purchasing is centralized, and we strive to keep the number of our suppliers within reasonable limits.
In addition to complying with the aspects of environmental protection and the rules specified in our quality policy, these suppliers are very flexible during their purchasing. While choosing our packaging materials, the safety, the aesthetic appearance, the aspects of the protection of the environment and last but not least, the consumer’s needs and interests play major roles. Our consumers already know from the labels on the poultry products on trays that they have bought Hungarian, safe and controlled poultry. Our company was one of the first companies in Hungary to introduce a certified environment-oriented management system based on the ISO and IFSIS standards. Based on feedback from the results of the regular inspections and audits, the company is successful in the closed integration system both in terms of production and premises.


Serving consumer needs is the most important goal of the Master Good Group. We have experienced that, as a result of the economic crisis and the news of the appearance of the salmonella virus, Hungarian consumers are buying food more and more consciously and are more price sensitive than ever before. We have adapted ourselves to this behaviour in each of our promotional activities. Based on the feedback, our consumers are satisfied. Our product portfolio includes the cheaper industrial poultry meat and the more expensive premium product, the Tanyasi (Farm) product line. Adapting ourselves to consumer habits, we process the products and assemble our tray-packaged products in such a way as to help our customers with their cooking. Of course, we also strive to set our prices to be most favourable.

The mission of the Master Good group of companies: healthy and natural food.

Our group of companies has set the goal to produce safe and high-quality, natural food (poultry meat) that takes into account consumer habits emerging in Europe and harmonizes with all the food safety laws in force in the European Union.
The goal of Master Good is not only to serve, but also to shape consumer habits.
The slogan “Quality and Tradition” already sounds familiar to our potential consumers – this is also how we draw attention to buying quality food and consuming safe poultry.