Company history – The tradition

The Master Good Group operates in North-Eastern Hungary, and is engaged in integrated fodder production, poultry breeding, hatching, broiler fattening, and processing. The group is 100% owned by the Bárány family.

Four generations of the family have been engaged in poultry farming for 117 years, making it the oldest poultry breeding dynasty of Hungary. The first generation to start the tradition was the estate poultry breeder of the counts of Széchenyi. Their commitment to the profession has been passed down from generation to generation. This legacy is also the key to the group’s current success.


The company was initially started with 5 persons (1994). Intensive development began in 1998 with significant investments in terms of scale and amount, and the number of employees was increased. During this time, several poultry breeding and broiler farms and another fodder mixing plant were established, and the integration of the agricultural crop production was also started.


In order to set long-term development goals, it was necessary to review the existing structure and the available capacities, taking into account the trends of the European Union, as Hungary’s accession to the EU was already foreseeable during this period. After several study trips to Western Europe, the introduction of the so-called free-range poultry farming in Hungary became one of the objectives for development. The market for the products produced under the Free-range Chicken Programme, launched in 2001, continued to grow in the years that followed, and it still keeps growing.


The increasing competition and the constant challenges on the market have necessitated the expansion of the company’s scope of operations, thus creating the bases for full-scale poultry integration. This has resulted in the right quality and size of cutting capacity, not only for the integration of organic poultry products, but also for the much larger volume of the industrial broiler chicken system.


Master Good Kft. organizes and manages the primary processing of the live poultry (slaughtering, cutting) and the manufacturing of the prepared and further processed products, as well as their sales.