Product path

Full-scale poultry integration

The increasing competition and the constant challenges on the market have necessitated the expansion of the company’s scope of operations, thus creating the basis of full-scale poultry integration. Thus, not only the integration that produces organic poultry products, but also the industrial broiler chicken system, with a much larger volume, received a slaughtering capacity in proper quality and size. Baromfi Coop Kft. performs the agricultural activities of the group of companies, which includes the integration of fodder crops, poultry breeding, hatching, fodder production, fattening of industrial broiler chickens, and the keeping of free-range chickens. Master Good Kft. organizes and manages the primary processing of live poultry (slaughtering, cutting) and the manufacturing of the prepared and further processed products, as well as their sales.

Fodder raw material

The fodder division is responsible for the production of the grain raw materials necessary for the fodder production. Our company has the raw materials produced on nearly 5,500 hectares. The quality and traceability of the raw materials is of highest importance both for the raw material production and for their purchase. We must keep in mind that the fodder will later be given to animals used for human consumption, therefore no genetically manipulated raw material is allowed to get into our system. This effort is supported by our strict laboratory background and by our monitoring system.

Fodder production

Our poultry fodders are produced in the special fodder mixing plants in Nyírmada. During the manufacturing, the air is cleaned with micro filters and the fodder is made hygienic at high temperatures using special equipment developed only for this purpose to ensure that the fodder is free from the Salmonella virus and other germs. Our poultry fodder is manufactured from strictly and continuously controlled raw materials produced in the integration. The fodder is guaranteed to be free from yield enhancers and antibiotics, as well as from genetically modified ingredients. We feel responsible for our environment, and it is a proven fact that we do not to use soya beans grown in places where rain forests were destroyed.

Parent stock raising

The breeding business is engaged in parent stock raising and keeping. The most important task is to produce breeding eggs with excellent hatchability. The quality of the hatching eggs fundamentally determines the quality of the day-old chicks, which significantly affects the efficiency and the safety of the integration. The produced hatching eggs are sent from the poultry farms to the hatcheries of the Master Good Group. Transport is carried out in special, closed vehicles. We basically work with two types of parents: meat type broilers and coloured variety parents. The coloured chickens used in our Free-range Chicken programme also come from our own farms. During raising, special emphasis is placed on the animal welfare measures, so we use the deep litter system of poultry keeping in all our parent farms.


The hatching activity of the Master Good Group has played a significant role in our integration efforts since the day the company was established. Adapting to the continuous growth of the market and taking into account the strict rules of the free-range programme (the free-range breeds must be hatched separately from the meat-type chicks), we have decided to build a new hatchery, which started hatching day-old chicks as one of the most modern plants of Hungary in February, 2003. The egg incubators are fully automated and computer-controlled, so we can track all the data and information generated during the hatching for years. Our strict monitoring system and our own laboratory tests allow us to control the hatching processes. The hatching activity is carried out in strict compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. Currently, the day-old poultry are hatched in two hatcheries.

Broiler raising

One of the integration efforts of the Master Good Group was to create the largest broiler chicken breeding capacity in Hungary. This can be important for both our business partners and our consumers in several ways. We pursue an outstanding quality policy in our own breeding farms in Hungary. As a result, the quality is consistently high, and the supply of the quantities is guaranteed, regardless of the season. The birds raised in the sector are settled at a density of 18 birds /m2. Regarding animal husbandry, special emphasis is placed on the animal welfare measures. Parallel with the increase in capacity, the sector has set the goal of automating the plants and further developing their technological equipment.


The processing plant in Kisvárda has a 25-year history. The plant has always been famous for the high quality of the goods produced there. We wish to maintain and continue this tradition, and therefore we make further significant investments and developments in our factory each year.

Further processing

In the summer of 2003, the Master Good Group decided to expand the company’s activities. Therefore, we started the construction of a further processing plant as part of a greenfield investment in Petneháza. In February 2004, the production was started in the plant in Petneháza. This plant mainly produces prepared meat products and convenience dishes. The group of companies produces seasoned, breaded, cooked, and marinated products for the domestic market, as well as convenience food products for the export markets in this plant. The plant meets the strictest requirements for quality assurance and complies with all major quality management systems of Europe.

Quality policy

The Bárány family has committed itself to quality for 114 years. This is a well-known fact not only for the Bárány family, but for all of the employees of the company. At whichever point in the production process, each employee is aware that we produce food at the end of the production chain. Each colleague feels the weight of this fact and carries out their daily tasks while keeping this in mind. The Master Good Group guarantees that the poultry products produced and marketed by it can be consumed safely, because the entire product path (hen farms, hatching, fodder production, chicken breeding and processing) is owned, managed and controlled by the Group. The group of companies is 100% Hungarian owned; all its premises are located in Hungary. Each poultry stock is raised in closed farms under strict hygiene and veterinary supervision, which excludes the possibility of any infection. We do not use antibiotics, genetically modified ingredients, hormones and other yield enhancers to increase the yields when feeding our poultry. We operate animal welfare programmes on the farms, which maximize the density of settling. In the field of agriculture, the hen farms, the hatcheries, and the chicken-raising for slaughter operate HACCP food safety system with GlobalGAP certification, and the process of fodder production has UFAS certification. The food plants, the Master Good Kft.’s poultry processing plant in Kisvárda (HU 112 EK) and the further processing plant in Petneháza (HU 215 EK) operate systems certified according to the standards of the IFS-BRC commercial chains to ensure safe food production which include also the HACCP system. Moreover, the poultry processing plant in Kisvárda has the British Tesco Integra animal welfare certificate; the Tesco FMS certificate and QS standard as well. The further processing plant in Petneháza has been audited by Tesco and QS standard. All areas of the product path are inspected by performing regular laboratory tests (monitoring programme) as part of the quality management and food safety systems.


In recent years, our export markets have been: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, France, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Kosovo, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam.

Angola, Republic of South Africa, Gabon, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique, the Canary Islands,

Curacao, Haiti, Canada.