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The Master Good group of companies operates in North-Eastern Hungary, and it is engaged in integrated fodder production, poultry breeding, hatching, broiler fattening, and processing. The group is 100% owned by the Bárány Family.



Four generations of the family have been engaged in poultry breeding for 117 years, making it the oldest poultry breeding dynasty of Hungary. The first generation to start the tradition was the estate poultry breeder of the counts of Széchenyi. Their commitment to the profession has been passed down from generation to generation. This legacy is also the key to the group’s current success.

The history of the Bárány family

The company was initially started with 5 persons (1994). Intensive development began in 1998 with significant investments in terms of scale and amount, and the number of the employees was increased. During this time, several poultry breeding and broiler farms and another fodder mixing plant were established, and the integration of the agricultural crop production was also started.


Mrs. László Bárány, Mr. László Bárány, head of the founding family/ great-great-grandfather

The Bárány family has been engaged in poultry breeding and hatching since 1907. The founding head of the family, László Bárány 1 (great-great-grandfather) was an “estate poultry breeder” on the estates of the counts of Széchenyi in Békés County at the beginning of the last century.

In the 1950s

László Bárány, great-grandfather

In 1945, the great-grandfather was forcibly taken to Siberia for captivity, from where he returned in 1948. It was then that he found out that, while he was in captivity, his father, the great-great-grandfather, had died in 1946 and the hatchery had been completely destroyed in the war. László Bárány, the great-grandfather, worked as the manager of hatcheries in several places of Eastern Hungary in the 1950s. In 1958, he was placed at Derecske, where his task was to strengthen animal husbandry in Eastern Hungary and, at the same time, build the then largest hatchery of Hungary. He led this hatchery until his death in 1971.


The fourth generation

When the 2 boys, the 4th generation, joined the management of the company, they brought a new vision, and therefore the three of them carry a much greater burden, which is reflected in the results.


The best start for cooking

If you are what you eat, it matters what you eat. Our chickens are raised on natural food, under proper conditions, so their meat is healthy, fibrous, tasty, and contains 16% less water than that of industrial chickens.

Free-range chicken platter

Free-range chicken thighs

Farm chicken thigh fillet

Free-range chicken breast fillet

Free-range chicken wings

Free-range chicken parts for soup

Free-range whole chicken

Free-range whole chicken for deep-frying

For investors

If you wish to invest, you can find our connected documents here. Consolidated financial statements, individual annual financial statements, articles of association and other documents.

GMO-FREE Chicken thighs

GMO-FREE Chicken wings

GMO-FREE Chicken thigh fillet

GMO-FREE Chicken breast

GMO-FREE Chicken breast slices

GMO-FREE Chicken parts for soup

GMO-FREE Whole chicken


In Hungary, consumers are more and more interested in GMO-free products. Master Good launched the GMO-free Hungarian chicken product line as its own brand.

Social responsibility

As a Hungarian-owned group of companies, we pursue a business policy in which we represent the interests of the consumers. We popularize the consumption of healthy, high-quality poultry meat, thus shaping the consumers’ habits and, at the same time, setting an example for the entire domestic poultry industry.

Master Good brands

Our free-range chickens grow under traditional, free-range conditions and receive special care throughout their lives. The parents of the free-range chickens are village-type birds that grow slowly and are selected for their exceptionally tasty and high-quality meat. The hatched chicks are housed in spacious sheds with windows that provide them with warm daylight.

As the company that produces Hungary’s most popular poultry product brands, we continually strive to meet our consumers’ demands, and, with foresight, we can offer delicious products that win our customers’ unconditional trust. We set the standard in all areas of our operation.

GMO-free fodder,
Poultry raised on Hungarian grain,
in natural light,
High-priority animal welfare,
Controlled production,
Circular farming


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