Social responsibility

Responsibility and assistance traditionally pass from “father to son”….

As a Hungarian-owned group of companies, we pursue a business policy in which we represent the interests of the consumers. We popularize the consumption of healthy, high-quality poultry meat, thus shaping the consumers’ habits, and, at the same time, set an example for the entire domestic poultry industry.

We not only take responsibility towards quality and our customers, but we also do our best to help our immediate environment.

As owners and managers of the company, we feel responsible for the group’s more than 2,000 colleagues and their families. We actively support the programmes for the feeding of children, their health and development, children without families, and disadvantaged children, as well as people with disabilities.

We feel responsible for our environment. We were the first company in Hungary, and among the first companies in Europe, to implement full-circle farming. In 2019, the Master Good Group established a solar power plant with a capacity of 10.5 MWh on 18 hectares.

Financial success requires an increase in efficiency and continuous modernization, which inevitably affects the corporate culture and atmosphere. In the long term, however, our goal is to preserve our core values: a family-like, inclusive atmosphere, cooperation based on mutual responsibility, and personal attention, which also provides a livelihood for our employees and the fair recognition of their work performance.


Our company aims to produce safe and high-quality natural food (poultry meat) that considers the European consumer habits and harmonizes with all the food safety laws in force in the European Union.

Master Good aims not only to serve, but also to shape, consumer habits.

The slogan “Quality and Tradition” now sounds familiar to our potential consumers – in this way we popularize the purchase of quality, and the safe consumption, of poultry meat. Master Good’s mission: healthy and natural food.

We continue to focus on the environment:
Among our professional “solutions” for a healthy and sustainable environment, we would like to highlight the following facts:

Start of an Organic Matter Management Centre in Nyírjákó, in 2019
We have continued our energy saving programme: in addition to our daily production, we continuously monitor and analyse our use of energies.
We have created jobs:
The employment of the people living near the company has increased and we have created a safer and healthier work environment.

By 2020, we have defined the items of our social responsibility and our expectations of our company.
We have helped our customers to eat more health-consciously:
we drew their attention to the benefits of consuming healthy and high-quality poultry meat, thus shaping consumer habits and helping to follow a healthy diet.

We have built an exemplary relationship with our supply partners.
We have implemented our project “Hungarian products to Hungarian customers”, which focuses on satisfied customers.
We have determined our support project for 2020 where the main beneficiaries will be the children and the environment.
We have not only supported local organizations and communities, but also provided assistance to disaster-stricken areas across the country, as well as to families and children in hunger and need.
We have maintained our reputation as a “family company”, and we wish to achieve our reputation as a “large family company” by the end of 2020.



The Bárány family has committed itself to quality for 114 years. This is a well-known fact not only for the Bárány family, but for all of the employees of the Group. At whichever point in the production process, each of our employees is aware that we produce food at the end of the production chain. Each colleague feels the weight of this fact and carries out their daily tasks while keeping this in mind.

In the long term, however, our goal is to preserve our core values: a family-like, inclusive atmosphere, cooperation based on mutual responsibility and personal attention, which also provides livelihood to our employees and fair recognition of their work performance. 85-90% of our employees use the bus service contracted separately for their transport at all three of our central premises.



Our company recognizes the work of its employees with rewards at the end of the year. The “Best Farmer of the Year Award” and the “Colleague with the Best Performance of the Year Award” are given out regularly. As the holidays approach, as a large family business, we reward our colleagues and their families before Easter and before Christmas, at the end of the year, by providing support in the form of a food package.

The Group is the official sponsor of the local Master Good SE Kisvárda handball team and the Master Good FC Kisvárda football team, both named after the company. With their handball and football passes, our employees can go to the matches and support their favourite teams, free of charge. It is an extra reward for our employees which they are happy to receive, and they enjoy visiting such events.

We have organized a Family Day for all employees and family members of the Master Good Group.

The Family Day was full of varied programmes for the young and the old, such as the Football Competition – our employees formed the teams – and the Cooking Competition, where our employees compared their cooking skills. The day-long programmes were very colourful. Quizzes, obstacle races and raffle games for children and adults. Also our workers receive awards. The Family Day ended with a Hooligans concert and fireworks.



The company completely gives equal opportunities while selecting the workforce and during the period of their employment. Our company has never discriminated against anyone so far, and we will do our best to ensure that it will not happen in the future. The distribution of our employees by age and gender also shows that our company follows the principle of equal opportunities for its employees. Our company regularly provides training for apprentices. Our aim is specifically to recruit staff and contribute to the training of young professionals.



The protective equipment needed for work, the regular medical examinations, and the occupational safety training help to prevent occupational accidents. In each of the various sections, we always provide protective equipment, often exceeding the legal requirements.



As a Hungarian-owned group of companies with closed integration in Hungary, we choose our partners consciously. While selecting them, it is very important that they have a reliable and strict certification system and they can properly represent us and our products to the customers.


The environmentally conscious packaging material is bought from our partners under the same terms and conditions: we invite a tender at the end of the year. While evaluating the received offers, the domestic suppliers enjoy an advantage. The procurement is centralized; we do our best to keep the number of the suppliers within reasonable limits.

The number of the companies that supply packaging materials to us is 40 to 50. Such suppliers are very flexible in their procurement processes while complying with the rules required by our quality policy and the environmental considerations. While choosing our packaging materials, safety, aesthetics, environmental considerations and, last but not least, consumer demands and interests, play the key role. When our consumers see the labels on our poultry products on trays, they already know that they have bought Hungarian, safe and controlled poultry. The company was among the first companies in Hungary to introduce a certified environmental management system based on the ISO and IFSIS standards. Based on the feedback from the results of the regular inspections and audits, the company has been successful in the closed integration system in terms of the production and the premises.

We fulfil our legal obligations connected to the management of packaging waste (recycling, payment of product fee) through agreements concluded with Öko-Pack Kht.



For Master Good, serving consumer demands is the most important consideration. We have experienced that, as a result of the economic crisis and the news about the appearance of the salmonella virus, Hungarian consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their shopping habits and are more price-sensitive than ever before. We have adapted to this consumer behaviour in each of our promotional activities. Based on the feedback, our consumers are satisfied. Our product portfolio includes the cheaper industrial poultry meat and the more expensive premium products, the Free-range product line. In line with consumer habits, we process the products and assemble our tray products to help the consumers. Naturally, when planning the price range, we do our best to ensure that such products have the most favourable prices.



Master Good continuously minimizes the environmental impact of its poultry integration activities. In recent years, we have placed great emphasis on developing the operations of closed integration using environmentally friendly solutions.

The protection of the quality of the water which returns to our environment, the measures and the investments that have reduced energy consumption so far, and the solutions that require lower resources, are all measures that underline an increase in our environmental awareness.

We intend to use the available water resources (use of well water) sparingly and efficiently in the future, and therefore we are constantly monitoring the changes in our specific water consumption. We will initiate efficiency-increasing measures in the future to ensure compliance with the strict requirements of the food industry. We control the quality of our wastewater using internal measurements and also through an external accredited laboratory. Regular measurements have proven that we operate as per the requirements.

In addition to our daily production, we continuously monitor and analyse our energy consumption. In 2019, the Master Good Group built a solar power plant with a capacity of 10.5 MWh on 18 hectares. Based on the experience of the past year, and through the shaping of attitude of our employees, we expect further results in energy saving. Switching off lights and switching off office machines completely, as well as the control of heating proved to be successful; we act with much more care and save more energy in the offices.


The supports we have given in 2019

We actively support the feeding of children, their health, the children without families, disadvantaged people with disabilities, culture and sports, and the efforts to solve social problems.

More about these areas:
Through the Ronald McDonald Children’s Aid Foundation, we help thousands of sick children and their families around the world each year.

To further support disadvantaged people, we send Christmas cards made by people with disabilities to our partners at the end of the year.

With the support of the Délibáb Student Sports Association, we have provided assistance to pre-school and school-age children to learn various dances and sports activities, and also in the development of new talents.

The aim of the Foundation for Health at the Kenézy Hospital is to develop, maintain, and modernize the instrumentation, the diagnostic, educational, scientific and other equipment of the clinics, thus providing better patient care. In support of this noble goal, we support the acquisition of hospital equipment.



We are enthusiastic supporters of cultural life and the arts. It is now a tradition that we regularly support culture, such as the Móricz Zsigmond Theatre in Nyíregyháza, the Mandala Song Theatre, the Cross-Border Festival of Theatres in Kisvárda, the Vidor Festival in Nyíregyháza, the Vojtina Puppet Theatre, and the art camp of the Vay Ádám Museum.

In the field of education, we maintain a special relationship with the University of Debrecen and the Vay Ádám Vocational High School, and support both. By supporting the Széchenyi István Agricultural and Food Vocational Grammar School and the Vocational School of Hajdúböszörmény, we popularize the agricultural profession, on the one hand, and help the talented children who compete in the national competition, the Excellent Vocational Students’ Competition in Budapest, on the other.

Each year, the Kisvárda Festival of the Hungarian Theatres is held in the Castle Theatre of Kisvárda, a series of unique cultural events in Europe, which presents performances by both foreign and Hungarian theatres during its multi-day programme. The twenty-five theatres and theatre art universities from Upper Hungary, Transcarpathia, Transylvania, and Vojvodina perform nearly 50 plays at five venues. We are the enthusiastic supporters of this cultural life and art.

In 2019, we “debuted” as the main sponsor of the young and talented film director Kristóf Deák’s film, the “Prisoners”.

The film was produced by Filmfabriq using the grant of the Fehér György tender of the Hungarian Media Patronage programme, with the participation of Master Good as its main sponsor.

In the field of sports, we support the football team of Kisvárda, the basketball team of Kisvárda, and the football team of the Groups’ employees.